Augmented Reality


It’s never to late to Learn something new !

” Book Description
If your aim is to get started with the basics; become a competent and confident user; and then to master InDesign – this book is for you. Written by an industry professional with over 16 years experience of training in electronic publishing software, InDesign CS3 in easy steps breaks down this versatile, user-friendly page layout software into a straightforward, manageable and logical series of learning events.”

518uhe6x0tl_ss500_ should be copies in the library & available from amazon as a used copy for £5.10



Note the guy with the eye patch, he’s a freakin’ super villain for sure : )

Mr W

OK – more robots – sorry . I love robots right now : )

New Uses for GPS

Really interesting competition asking people to suggest new uses for the DASH GPS system,

Often new technology comes out and then evolves as the public find new uses for it, tapping into that can be a really useful way for advertisers to offer branded services to consumers or add value to branded products that they had not seen in them before.

The winner here with the parking spot idea is exactly the kind of idea, that makes life easier for the consumer and would work well as a way connecting the product with good service and innovation.