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Olympus Tough – great technology great campaign

‘Pre-flight’ a neat ‘How To Guide’

Here’s a useful remindeer of  how to create preflight folders.

Theres also some information on checking out the colour separations of a document prior to print, this is worth reading through to understand the kind of issues that cmyk printing can throw up.

John Denver ‘Annies Song’ censored

for thios one you need to go to the page linked here and click the link there ‘ john denver- annies song 

funniest thing i have heard in ages : ) reverse censorship clean songs with beeps to make them sound filthy, so cool if anyone finds any more of these can they post them up here.

nice free service.

Christmas is Coming (1951)

TV & CPU getting closer to each other everyday

Turn your Mac into a digital/cable TV∏=19929

All the different digital media will one day become just one thing it will be impossible to differentiate between your TV and your computer. Here’s a product that bridges that gap can it belong before this is part of your laptop when you buy it ?