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Sketch-up yourself baby !

Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce to you Sketch-up.

I was on the train to Plymouth and i happenned to meet the haed of garden design at UCF, he showed me this great software. If you all already know about it then please, why didn’t you tell me ? anyway

this is free, really user friendly idiot proof 3D software. Its great for creating

virtual spaces. I figure it would be a good way to place your scamps and macced up ads in ‘Real’ environments. maybe i could do a wee session on it, once i gain a basic ability ?
meanwhile, download it for free at the above link and have a go.

STOP ! Hammertime


Hello my name is . . .



Check out this and this… brilliant!

YouTube plans live video streaming service

LONDON – YouTube is planning to launch a live streaming service later this year, which would allow the video sharing site’s users to create live feeds of news events and entertainment.  To find out more go to:

4th Generation mobiles. Google kicks iPhone’s arse!

Google have revolutionised the mobile phone market with a new mobile called Android. Check it out: