Sketch-up yourself baby !

Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce to you Sketch-up.

I was on the train to Plymouth and i happenned to meet the haed of garden design at UCF, he showed me this great software. If you all already know about it then please, why didn’t you tell me ? anyway

this is free, really user friendly idiot proof 3D software. Its great for creating

virtual spaces. I figure it would be a good way to place your scamps and macced up ads in ‘Real’ environments. maybe i could do a wee session on it, once i gain a basic ability ?
meanwhile, download it for free at the above link and have a go.


4th Generation mobiles. Google kicks iPhone’s arse!

Google have revolutionised the mobile phone market with a new mobile called Android. Check it out:

Bubbling Widget Growth in 2008

Seemingly overnight, everyone is in love with widgets.

Consumers love the tiny software applications that let them share music, photos and videos, and even throw virtual sheep at one another, on social networks. And social networks love widgets because they help boost traffic and ad revenue on their sites.

On Facebook alone, users have installed nearly 13,000 widgets approximately 765 million times, according to Adonomics, a Web site that tracks widgets on the social network. Adonomics estimates the combined value of these widgets to be $374 million. There are also rumors that major media companies, notably News Corp. (nyse: NWS news people ), want to add developers to their stable of properties.

As a result, the number of individual hackers and companies that develop widgets has mushroomed to an estimated 100,000 worldwide, begging the question of whether the sector is in a bubble. Industry experts, however, say the concern is misplaced–for now–and that the fast ramp up is no different from what has happened in past generations of software development.

“It’s too early to call it a bubble or a success,” says Ross Levinsohn, the former News Corp. executive who oversaw the company’s celebrated acquisition of MySpace. “You’re really talking about the last six months as the real beginning of the growth of applications. It’s just the beginning of what we’re going to see over the next 12 to 18 months.”

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TV & CPU getting closer to each other everyday

Turn your Mac into a digital/cable TV∏=19929

All the different digital media will one day become just one thing it will be impossible to differentiate between your TV and your computer. Here’s a product that bridges that gap can it belong before this is part of your laptop when you buy it ?

REALLY good projects !!! Jason Bruges

Some really shit hot projects here. This studio is connected to POKE .

Forbes Technology Report

The Forbes technology report is a free newsletter you can register for. Very useful to see technology

looked at from a business perspective.

Mmmm liquidy Metal Words … Nice : )