You migt not think instructables

is relevant to advertising but i would challenge that by saying that as campaigns increasingly

use activities to get people involved this is actually an incredible incredible resource.

For example a guy has posted instructions on ‘How to crush a can on your head’

How to crush a can on your head
Learn how to do this classic bar trick with any of those cans in your recycling bin.


Horn From a Drinking Straw
How to make a cool horn out of a drinking straw. A musical instrument is easier to make than you think.

this is all good stuff, think about it : )


STOP ! Hammertime


It’s not a de-tergent…it’s a safe-tergent

Very funny indeed… thank you W+K!! Glad to know Claire and I aren’t the only ones to be slightly disturbed by this advert. Check it out here

John Denver ‘Annies Song’ censored

for thios one you need to go to the page linked here and click the link there ‘ john denver- annies song 

funniest thing i have heard in ages : ) reverse censorship clean songs with beeps to make them sound filthy, so cool if anyone finds any more of these can they post them up here.

The Circle of Life : )

Why spend a million dollars faking up a film about cat herding when you can get this for free ?

Brookers 10 Biggest Cocks in Advertising

Watch it here. Very very funny indeed!

Make my logo BIGGER cream! Very funny!

Improves brand recognition! Grabs customers attention! Works in just minutes! Goes on smooth! Check it out here