New Uses for GPS

Really interesting competition asking people to suggest new uses for the DASH GPS system,

Often new technology comes out and then evolves as the public find new uses for it, tapping into that can be a really useful way for advertisers to offer branded services to consumers or add value to branded products that they had not seen in them before.

The winner here with the parking spot idea is exactly the kind of idea, that makes life easier for the consumer and would work well as a way connecting the product with good service and innovation.



You migt not think instructables

is relevant to advertising but i would challenge that by saying that as campaigns increasingly

use activities to get people involved this is actually an incredible incredible resource.

For example a guy has posted instructions on ‘How to crush a can on your head’

How to crush a can on your head
Learn how to do this classic bar trick with any of those cans in your recycling bin.


Horn From a Drinking Straw
How to make a cool horn out of a drinking straw. A musical instrument is easier to make than you think.

this is all good stuff, think about it : )

YouTube plans live video streaming service

LONDON – YouTube is planning to launch a live streaming service later this year, which would allow the video sharing site’s users to create live feeds of news events and entertainment.  To find out more go to:

4th Generation mobiles. Google kicks iPhone’s arse!

Google have revolutionised the mobile phone market with a new mobile called Android. Check it out:

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sound of Music, Hollyoaks… very clever!

Hollyoaks and Andrew Lloyd Webber have joined forces to create very clever advertising… Product placement with a twist? check out the story here

D&AD integrated awards 2006

You could look here to find integrated campaigns . . .

BBH/Lynx uses the mobile phone to create and share brand experiences.

Great example of the agency redefining Lynx users not as ‘targets’ to aim messages at but as potential participants in the life of the brand. Check out The First Post article by Patrick Collister here