Asimo – from Honda – On sale now !

is this litte guy easier to sell then a car, cant wait to see the first campaign for this robot as an actual product, at the moment he/she ? seems to be more of an ambassador for Honda but will go into production this year.


Mmmmm bleedy pen dress

Colour Lovers

Ever struggled for creative inspiration when it comes to your colour palette ?

Struggle no more, check out Colour Lovers here’s a post of colour ways in skateboard art but check out the rest of it its amazing, a real celebration of what can often be a challenge COLOUR !

A Useful Service

As you all now know technology where advertising is concerned is often used as a way of providing an affordable service for the customer.

Here’s a great one –

Here products are demonstrated and explained to the consumer. What a neat idea : )

Internet Archive – a useful resource

This is a great resource – much of the material is copyright free – it sa kind of archive of all the other archives.

condoms & gum

You would never see a campaign that links these two products but heres a great example of

right place right time for them to work together. This is the kind of thing Rory was on about

at Oglivy i think ?


You migt not think instructables

is relevant to advertising but i would challenge that by saying that as campaigns increasingly

use activities to get people involved this is actually an incredible incredible resource.

For example a guy has posted instructions on ‘How to crush a can on your head’

How to crush a can on your head
Learn how to do this classic bar trick with any of those cans in your recycling bin.


Horn From a Drinking Straw
How to make a cool horn out of a drinking straw. A musical instrument is easier to make than you think.

this is all good stuff, think about it : )