Google have created a great bit of software called sketchup

it’s a free download

it works on Mac or PC

It is easy to learn

You can convert the 3D space so it looks like it was drawn with a marker pen or a pencil

Oh yeah did i mention its free . You get it here …

make sure you download all the bonus packs as well they are ready made stuff like chairs trees and people.

there are great tutorials here or inside the application itself as well.

But if you have a specific thing you need and no time to make it just

Go to the 3D warehouse and download a free model : )

This link will take you to a free model of a shopping mall

or here’s Stamford Bridge stadium !

or if you prefer Arsenal here’s their stadium

You’ll probably need some billboards

someone has even made a model of Hitchin High Street. TMTOTH : )

I could use this model to create scamps or to show where i wanted to place a specific advert on a site.

You can actually paste things into the 3D space digital photos or scamps of possible adverts.

Or you can export different views of the site as 2D images and work on them in photoshop.

The Pro version of the application allows you to export to more applications its actually quite cheap as well.


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