Sam has created an awesome resource for you all, by recording the process she undertook for the unit 1 brief, as a series of posts on her blog.

“Just to send you the link to my blog that I’ve posted (painstakingly in some cases) 13 steps on how to replicate my Indesign project and also explanations of alternatives methods of doing things.

Its …

The 13 posts are all under the post menu on the left hand side, in a section called ‘applied technology project: indesign. 13 steps’. I’ve also made the post links in this menu read in chronological order to make it easier to follow the steps.”

‘Pre-flight’ a neat ‘How To Guide’

Here’s a useful reminder of how to create preflight folders.


Theres also some information on checking out the colour separations of a document prior to print, this is worth reading through to understand the kind of issues that cmyk printing can throw up.

This is a great starting point for finding out more about Indesign.

If you go to the iTunes store and search for ‘designschool‘ all one word, then subscribe to Alain Paradis’ free podcasts on indesign, photoshop and Illustrator you can soon build up a useful data base of videos demonstrating various basic techniques.


the battle continues, as you know i am backing Adobe all the way. a few nice tips from this site


the online magazine for all things ADOBE


Many of you are pretty handy with photoshop already but for those of you that are still getting to grips with it here is a good link, a great place to get free tutorials in photoshop. I want to teach you the basics in class so you can find your way around the programe but once you have reached that stage i’d like you to spend time alone working on your skills with photoshop.

here below is a clip showing you how you resize an image, this is a typical tutorial. If you set yourself a project and use the tutorials directory above to get through it. This is usually more effective then trying to learn the whole package it will help you retain the information because you can relate it to a specific project.

If you find other tutorials that are useful please post them up here for everyone to share. You can get great tutorials on i-tunes as podcasts,also on you tube and on many many websites.


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