BBH/Lynx uses the mobile phone to create and share brand experiences.

Great example of the agency redefining Lynx users not as ‘targets’ to aim messages at but as potential participants in the life of the brand. Check out The First Post article by Patrick Collister here



KALA new CD by MIA ‘We’ve seen lots of great sleeves in the last few weeks. Bright colours and illustrated forms seem to be flavour of the month…’ Gavin Reece Creative review

great retro desgn, i’d say circa 1990 when Macs could barely breathe this would of been at the cutting edge. All made in photoshop i think. It is firing off all kinds of strange signals, from theMTV esque ‘MIA’ logo itself to the Iron Maiden heavy metal font used for the body text.

Hilary Duff – Photoshop makeover

Dove Real Beauty

Here’s a really great illustration of how much digital manipulation can go into a ‘simple’ advert. Thanks for this One Ed : )